Praise for Women of Strength

Seeking to make a case for the cause of righteousness, Tristi Pinkston celebrates the strength, divinity, and blessings of womanhood. Covering key facets of a woman’s life, she lifts the hands that hang down with loving care and wisdom. Woven into Tristi’s personal insight and prophetic guidance from general authorities are glimpses of women battling challenges and heartache. Their stories are tender, their determination to survive and thrive poignant. Tristi also shares her own struggle and victory. After spending most of her life as an overweight women, her triumph comes not in losing pounds but in gaining the realization that true power comes from a relationship with Heavenly Father. - Lori Nawyn, author

Tristi’s book is a wonderful reminder that we are daughters of  God. It is a very timely book considering the times we live in. I found her book inspiring, uplifting and even injected with a little humor. It is a great book to pick up and read a chapter a day to fasten in your mind how important you, and all the things you do are. Tristi paints a wonderful picture of just how great is our sphere of influence. - Jane Still, author